Youth Development

Student Development


Do You Ask Yourself These Questions?

How can we ensure a holistic approach to the overall personality development of students?

How can we offer a course/syllabus where students learn about life’s important skills like communication, leadership, self regard, teamwork ?

How can we guide students to put their best foot forward in making right career choices?

Do you hear your students asking you ?

How do I learn to use my skills to move from ordinary to extra-ordinary?

How do I get to know that there is more in me than I already know?

The theoretical part of the course is fantastic. How can I be sure that I will be able to apply it in the real world?

Why Life Skills?

Life Skills is a combination of knowledge and abilities to perform to the best of ones potential, personality and strengths in favourable or adverse situations now or later in life.

Life Skills also known as psycho-social skills –cannot be taught as subjects. They are not the same as academic or technical learning and require a hands on or experiential methodology of instruction

When modelled and promoted as part of learning they bring value to the individual and the institute.

These skills have to do with the way we behave –towards other people, towards ourselves, towards the challenges and problems of life.

They include skills in communicating, in making decisions and solving problems, in negotiating and asserting ourselves, positive attitude, in thinking critically and creatively and understanding our feelings.

These gear the learner, by simulating and helping experience reality in many situations, toward making real-life applications of knowledge, skills and attitudes.


Best Foot Forward

Rising Star

Best Foot Forward – A Business School Program

Expected Outcomes

Evolving as a professional (attitude, behavior, role)

Effective business communication skills

Managing self - individual ability to adapt to the changing business scenario, flexible mindsets in a dynamic business environment and realizing of self potential ( gains in self control)

Self awareness besides social & emotional adjustment.

Identification of major drivers in an individuals life.

Time management, planning and execution skills

Respect and empathy for others.

Goal orientation/ alignment to the larger vision or objectives of the organization.(collaboration)

Interpersonal and intrapersonal Skills

Planning and organizing skills.

Customer orientation – internal and external customers

Problem solving & strategic decision making.

Realising self potential.(self actualisation & regard)

Having Fun!!

Linking all the above to MIRO measurables on how much interaction a person wants in the areas of socializing, leadership and responsibilities, and more intimate personal relations.

Rising Star - A Program for Schools

Expected Outcomes

Holistic development of knowledge and skills

Improve relationships with family, friends, and teachers

Team working and group behaviour.

Create self-motivation for goal achievement

Develop a positive self-image

Turn solutions into action

Overcome fear and procrastination

Improved self image, self awareness , social and emotional adjustment.

Leadership –situations that lead to the development of leaderships traits.

Allows the student to make beneficial choices in all areas of Life.

Gains in self control and handling interpersonal issues.

Increased acquisition of knowledge, skills and thereby develop self empowerment and leadership

Develop attitudes and habits for success

Improve time management

Develop character

Become more responsible