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Vodafone - Across India
 Sanjoy Mukerji, Operational Director Vodafone India

Impactful & effective workshop. Cheese Hunt was very useful since it brought out the learning to be a participative passive yet effective leader. Learnings/ reflections around change management and leadership post activity discussions was high. brought out the impact of "I". Clarity of briefings for the adventure activities & comfort levels in terms of safety processes and equipment was perfect.

Neil Suares,  Head Sales & Marketing, Maharashtra & Goa Circle

Practical Vs Theory- simulations & exercises helped in understanding all nuances of a successful implementation of knowledge and learnings. The exercises effectively brought about synergy & learnings from each other. The facilitator was extremely useful - was a coach & a guide….

Apoorva Mehrotra, GM Sales & Marketing Operations Vodafone Gujarat Circle

Great learning experience. Very unlike classroom workshops. The workshopw as effective since it was 'learning by doing' - there was relevance & uniqueness in that sense. Excellent and thought provoking post activity sessions. It gave a good insight into self and team. The methodology was unique. and very practical (hands on) approach to learning. The style of the facilitator was great and inspiring! The level of comfort with the outdoor team was high.

Steve Correa,  Director HR Vodafone India

Excellent workshop. with very good experience of activities carried out. The facilitator and the outdoor team was very good and the comfort levels in terms of safety processes and equipment was high.

Shalby Hospitals
 Dr Manjushri Sharma, Senior Manager, Medical Departments

Excellent workshop that gave vent to my passionate side of working, but reminding me of my shortcomings too. The learnings brought out from the activities reinforced my ideas, some taught me important lessons. The workshop gave me a kick, literally!!! Such workshops should be made a regular addiction to the top management! The faculty seemed to know us from the very first sight and we trusted them completely & were extremely comfortable in their expertise in terms of our safety.

Dr Pankaj Doshi, Director Medical Services

It was an altogether different type of learning. ancient Gurukul type of schooling! The ice breakers proved to be very useful since we got to know more about each other, rather than only our professional skills. The facilitator was excellent and very convincing. Ther level of comfort with the outdoor team in terms of our safety was very high.

Convergys India Services
 Sukant Srivastava,  Managing Director

Innovative design, excellent co-relation with Convergys goals. Cheese hunt outlined beautifully real life competitive scenario. The facilitator was aggressive and effective. The whole team was very professional.

Tim Huiting,  Director HR

The linkage of activities in sequential pattern made learnings more relevant. The methodology was great - better than most experiential workshops I have been involved in. The interaction with the faculty was good.

Birgit Neumann, CEO

Activity relevant to brief. The quality of experience was high during the activities. Good learnings/ reflections during team discussions. The methodology was good - logical and well timed. The level of comfort with the safety processes was very high.

Colt Technology Services India Pvt Ltd.
 Jagjit Singh,  Director HR, India

The programme was sharp, focussed and impactful.. the customer orientation  simulation busted my assumptions. The level of learnings/ reflections through the post activity discussions was high. The faculty was very professional.

Sandeep Kumar,  Associate Director, HR

The faculty energy level was amazing.. they connected well with the participants. The most useful part of the programme was the reaffirmation of GOALS/ PLAN/CHANGE/ COLLABORATION. The safety processes and equipment were up to the mark.

Anurag Gupta,  Director Financial Operations & NGB

Very well conducted programm.. kept everyone engaged and all participated. Blind Innovation & Who Moved My Cheese were amazing.. the 1st part of the workshop set the tone & the 2ns part helped in grasping knowledge. The post activity discussions truly brought home valid points and were very participative & reflective. The methodology was very innovative and engaging. The facilitator was knowledgeable and knew a lot about COLT.. with effective & forceful delivery! The group was quite comfortable with the faculty. The safety levels in terms of outdoor staff/ processes and equipment were very high.

Shailaja Menon Madhavan , Head- Learning & Development

Dear Ashish, just wanted to take a moment to appreciate you and your team for all the outbound workshops that you have been conducting for us. We have been receiving some excellent feedback about the program from all the teams that went for these workshops. From the time they landed at the camp, till the time they left, they have enjoyed every single moment and have come back charged and rejuvenated ! Each one of the facilitators have managed to establish an instant connect with the audience and sustained high energy levels throughout the workshop. Let us hope, that in times to come, we will be able to better this and take this to the next level.


Amit Narang, VP & Business Head - Personal and Business Loans, Consumer Banking, India

A very good learning experience.. all the exercises had a crisp & complete message/ learning. The faculty was very good - right from the facilitator to the outdoor experts.

Jagpreet Brar,  Asst Vice President - Learning and Development (North & East)India

A well organized and executed workshop. The team activity - Who Moved My Cheese - gave insight into team dynamics.. there was a very high degree of quality in each & every experience. High levels of learning through participative feedback... everything about the workshop was useful. The facilitator was very good - like a friend. The faculty was excellent!

Vikram Rana, Sr VP Business Banking India

The workshop delivered as per expectations.... Destination Outdoors is a very process driven company and the exercises had direct correlation to our business at the bank.

Irani Srivastav Roy , HR

The programme brought out a lot of capabilities & realization for individuals as well as the team. A very good faculty with support staff being very supporting and motivating as well. The entire group felt very comfortable with this team of facilitators & outdoor experts.


Lease Plan India Ltd

Pushkin Ahuja,  Operations Head, India

Very well organized and executed. It contains all the ingredients to keep a person on his toes and happy! The ice breakers, Australian Moonwalk and Air Crash were the most useful parts of the workshop for me - The ice breakers helped me learn about my colleagues, Australian Moonwalk taught me the 'simplicity of solutions' & Air crash - trust in the team. The quality of experience is very high as all the activities were interactive, challenging & oriented towards 'providing self guidance out of self analysis'. On a scale of 1 - 10, I would rate this workshop at 9. The facilitators followed each participant's actions, words and activities very keenly... VERY COMPREHENSIVE... each exercise was like a separate orchestra piece carrying equal utility and importance. The interaction with the facilitators during meals & off workshop hours led to a healthy bonding with the participants. Full marks to the methodology adopted during the workshop.

Manik Minocha,  Rentals Head, India

The workshop was extremely interesting & productive. The learnings/ reflections post the activities were very high - useful & productive. The whole team - right from the facilitator, co - facilitator &  the adventure co-ordinators - were very professional in their approach.

Dish TV

Gurdeep Singh

Good innovative concept of imparting training... a wonderful experience which you could very easily relate to unlike in theoretical / classroom training. It helped me to introspect & think of the way forward - made me feel rejuvenated. The methodology was innovative with a very good, focused team.

Larsen & Toubro

Chockalingam P,  Business Head  MIPD

A must for every aspiring individual, irrespective of his level in the organization. Blind Innovation was the most useful exercise - I have never understood 'empathy' so clearly before! The facilitator was very good - he communicated very well... used vernacular language frequently to get to the participants. The whole team was very focused and efficient.

Calyon Bank

Renu Vijayanand,  HR Head, India

Very well facilitated workshop. Customer orientation was very well brought out by Touch Wood! We were all able to relate to the faculty very well. The comfort levels in terms of safety processes and equipment was very high.

Robert Trouslard, CEO India

I would rate the workshop on 4.5 on 5 overall. Very professional Indian training company. The objectives were all achieved and the facilitation was to the point

Porus Lakdawala, Participant

"The workshop was excellent and hope to attend more such workshops organized by your team... wishing you all the very best!"

Ramanathan Iyer, Participant

"Well organised and good teamwork... clear about their objective... practical demonstration of team building which will help in day to day activity. The post activity discussions were thorough and debated.. The faculty was excellent- helpful, cordial and knowledgeable."

Alghanim, Kuwait

Salam Houssami,  Financial Analyst, Vehicle Sales Group,

Let me assure you that the time I spent with the team at Failaka acquired a special part of my memory, and it was a first time experience that added value to my thinking and behavior. Regarding the program, I can say that it is essential for every individual to go through experimental training or learning since this process shades light on different aspects of ones character and personality in several situations, consequently giving a great chance for the person to point out his/her weak points and work on improving them.

I would like to thank you, Ashish, Sumit, and Suraj for giving us the chance to go through this unique program in the proper manner.

Roy Al Hayat, Finance Division (Automobiles)

Experiential learning was a great experience especially with a committed team like destination outdoors. I never thought I can learn something from such training programs but I was wrong, now I have a much better view when approaching a new project, working with a new team and the way I communicate with my colleagues.

KPMG Safi Al Muttawa, Kuwait

Ahmed Essam, Manager

I believe that all of us want to express our appreciation to you for that days at Filaka Island . All of us are still enthused with this experience and continue to  remember each and every moment there! We were particularly impressed with the quality and planning of  that training program. It's readily apparent that, who run this training are real professionals . Your  friendly consideration to us, was most gratifying. I hope that I shall be invited again to similar programs in the nearest future. Best personal regards.

Paul Harradine, Director of Human Resources

As a part of KPMG Kuwait's ambition to be the Employer of Choice in our field, we focus heavily on our people.  In line with that policy we searched for a company that could deliver a tailor made course that would inspire, and motivate our managers in people skills, and better prepare them for further promotion.
Destination Outdoors provided unique and inspirational training based on experiential learning.  The instructors were highly qualified with fantastic coaching skills, and the ability to motivate ordinary people to carry out extra ordinary activities way outside their comfort zones. In the short time since the course was conducted the difference in the office environment is quite remarkable. I have no hesitation in recommending Destination Outdoors to any potential client.

Rizwana Narvel , Manager - Business Performance Services

The program was simply "fantastic" and "exciting". It is very different from the regular training programs. What you learn - you retain because it is practical. You learn from experience. The activities were good - or should I say... challenging, both physically (well not as much) and mentally.

There is a lot to learn from this experience.
1. Managing expectation (downward and upward)
2. Trust - trusting oneself and trusting your team
3. Following instructions - paying attention to detail. This is so important.
4. Accepting challenges - coming out of the "comfort zone".
5. Working as a team - various departments coming together and working as "ONE" company. As we all have some basic similar goals and everyone needs to think of the company as a whole. One common goal - one common focus.
6. Most of all - I learned by weaknesses and strengths and am working on enhancing my strengths and improving on my weaknesses.

Your team is very good. They kept us going, they kept us interested at all times. The tone and the enthusiasm received from your team were great.

Alstom Power Ltd

Didier Jouanneau,  Global HR Head for Sales

The workshop was well aligned and objective...The simulations brought about various learnings like creativity, risk taking, planning/ execution which are very important tools in any industry today. The post activity discussions gave good recap and opportunity to pass on messages. The faculty did an excellent job... they were perfect in terms of the safety processes and equipment.
Ravi Kapoor,  Business Head Power Services
The programme was absorbing and participative with lots of learning. Many of the simulations especially Bombs Away & Australian Moonwalk were very good and useful in bringing out learnings. The post activity discussions were helpful since they helped in knowledge sharing. The faculty was competent and confident with a very clear and focused style of delivery by the facilitator with repeated assertion on critical aspects. The outdoor support staff was very good - we felt completely safe in their hands!
Kuwait National Petroleum Corporation
  1. "I would realy like this opportunity and thank you and your Dept. mainly Mr. Waleed Al Hammad too.I did fill in the feed back and i was very proud of you and M/S Destination Outdoors. First time i felt good in a course and the outdoor leadership program was very interested and really did put us all in how a leader should do/act in certain situations plus how a leader should do if there are changes in our company, we should always not to be scared when there are changes in KNPC (that's the jump i did from the top of the roof of the Bldg during one exercise, i was scared but when i did it i felt good and was easy and ready to do it again)."
  2. I believe this training was a very good idea and different to what we have been accustomed to (everyone seemed to enjoy it).

  3. I learnt from these two days program more than 10 years of courses I already took, It was new technique of learning by doing some thing new and understand your weakness and strength.

  4. The program was very interesting and different.

  5. An excellent training worth attending...


Ernst & Young

Jagjit Singh-Country Director HR E & Y

 "Very effective experience based activity. All the activities were objective- direct co-relation with our workshop objectives. Activities were well concluded- good connect. Post activity discussions were very effective with high recall. Many Thanks for all the help and support in driving this change initiative . We will remain indebted to you for this intervention. It certainly has taken the Team to a new high , and I am sure the only way now is full steam ahead.
Please do convey our heartfelt thanks to your entire Team for having made this event such a huge success".

Darius Gandhi- Associate Director HR

"Invigorating, accommodating, enjoyable... clarifies and points out well that as individuals you are dealing with different people in a team and how to make use of those skills... the experience was phenomenal - both in terms of physical limits and managerial insights... very human, sympathetic and mature team.
Very well organized and structured- tremendous learning value.. every activity ( exercise) provided take aways which we can apply in a long setting."

Preeti Singh-Country Head India- Training & Development

"The workshop was successful in its objectives of bringing together the entire HR team together and highlighting key HR issues that need to be tackled. The post activity discussions were very good and analytical."

Gaurav Taneja, Partner 

"The most important and useful part of the workshop was getting the partners to work together, bond and communicate- point on appreciation. The learnings through post activity discussions were good, positive and constructive. The methodology used was good, thorough, interlinked."

Ogilvy & Mather

Malvika Mehra-Creative Director:

"The workshop was very refreshing, exhausting and satisfying! The most useful parts of the workshop were the real physical ones like rafting because they broke my fears- pushed my limits, also the interaction with nearly complete strangers. The quality of experience through activities carried out was fantastic... very alive! The workshop was very structured but carried out with a nice mix of seriousness and fun."

Nokia India Pvt. Ltd
Vikram Mall, Head - Nokia Learning Centre

"... very well executed and excellent facilitation. One of the most important things we learnt from the workshop was 'do not ride a wave of confidence, be rooted to today!' The methodology was good - the right approach of allowing learning to come out of the group."

Vineet Taneja, Director Multi-Media

Workshop met with our deliverables. Excellent simulations with good connect to learnings during the de-briefings.

Devinder Kishore, Director, Marketing.

A very well organized & structured workshop. Good connect to synergy in teams. Excellent facilitation skills with effective communication- "Clear & Concise"

Alok Mehta, Manager Multi- Media.

The learning being facilitated through simulated experiences was just amazing. "No Gyan"or downloads was the best part. Related well to the main facilitator Ashish, since he has worked in corporates earlier!!

Societe Generale Bank
 Eric Dhoste, CEO, India

Workshop delivered upto expectations and all simulations were appropriate. An intense programme, well balanced & was right on the bell based on the time frame provided. Could really relate to the faculty well who had excellent communication skills.

Cyrus Mehta, Participant

"Well conceptualized and executed. Simulations and theories well presented. There was a high level of co-relation between each simulation and exercise. The style of the facilitator was precise and succinct... always kept the interest level very high with no drop in the energy levels!!"

A Thiagarajan, Dy COO 

" ... the parts of the workshop were balanced... quite introspective and relevant for dat to dat life as well as work. It was well structured and appropriately balanced. The facilitator was professional and to the point."

Sandra Martyres, COO

"very professionally managed... the outdoor activities brought out the individuals/ teams strengths and weaknesses. The facilitator was interactive, assertive (when required) and clear."

DHL worldwide express
Somenath Nandan- Participant Leadership Workshop.
"It was excellent, worthy, full of lessons." The workshop taught us values like faith, trust, motivation, using resources in a planned manner, team building & leadership. The best part was that there was learning while playing... Post activity discussions were excellent-the energy levels were high and the facilitator explained things very well.

Atul Dikshit- National Sales head

The programme was very relevant for the entire India sales team & met our objectives of developing creativity & differentiators. The learning process encouraged unlearning & thinking ahead.

American Express Bank Ltd.
Vishal Kapoor, Sr Director Wealth Management

Great experience, very creative & very useful workshop. Effective method of deriving learning through exhilarating exercises and connecting the same to organization behaviour.

Kaustubh Majumdar, Director FAS, India

"...very well thought through and relevant to the team... The most useful part of the workshop was realizing that what is stretch zone today is comfort zone tomorrow and so you keep striving! Also learning to bust assumptions & think out of the box!! The discussions were healthy and sometimes an eye opener and the level of de-brief was higher & more important than the exercise itself which distinguishes from other outbound trainers. This can be correlated to the workplace with learnings being implemented in real life. The facilitator was very good and emphatic and the outdoor team couldn't be better!"

Reena Sethi Sharma, Participant

Excellant way of learning through experiential methodology. The simulations were administered well with effective processing of learning. Faculty very co.operative and warm with crisp & clear communication with a lot of focus

Joykar , Head FAS East

Well structured, interesting activities with good & regular re-cap of all the learnings throughout the workshop. Quality of experience to activities carried out was informative and knowledge seeking with high retention of learning. Faculty was concise, precise & clear in speech & understanding. The style of delivery was clipped & appropriate.

Aprajita Sapra, Participant

"The workshop made me realize that experiential training is the most effective way of learning and understanding through games and activities. All of it taught me different aspects of communication and service skills. The activities were highly intense and motivating; excellent in terms of quality. The post activity discussions were very thorough and well planned, geared towards getting us to think and reflect. The faculty was absolutely bang on!!... they are a motivated/ warm/ articulate and well trained faculty. It was a pleasure working with them."


Samsung Electronics

Vikram Mall, Head Training & Development

"Very well paced, intelligent games, motivating facilitators, good ambience, challenging work and renewed vigour... There is always a new way of looking at things. Faculty : Honestly, one doesn't expect such polished, educated people in the back of beyond! Delivery of the facilitation was very good- friendly, direct, no mincing of words, process and learnings oriented and yet motivational. All of the faculty touched a chord from the word 'go'... people do not step out of their comfort zones unless done by people like you. Clarity of briefings from the outdoors team was very good: to the point, succinct, free of jargon- world class safety processes and equipment."

Global Development Network

Ramona Kngelescu-Naqvi,  Senior Political Scientist  & Program Manager

A well paced workshop which kept energy levels high throughout. The faculty was able to communicate very well with the group at all times.

VODAFONE (Previously Hutch) - Regional Circles
 Rohit Kumar Head HR
"Very focused, all the team exercises were very good and post activity debriefs were facilitated very effectively.. there was a high level of learnings... the challenge now lies in implementing them at the work place. Ashish, you have done a very good job of connecting with the group!!"

A.P.Ramabhadran COO, Hutch Rajasthan

"Overall, very high energy levels in faculty and participants. The most useful part of the workshop was the collaboration exercise - there is a great need for internal collaboration. The methodology used was very good- less pedagogy and more experiential. The faculty was very open and supportive... clear and action oriented. The safety processes and equipment were excellent."

Amit Kumar Tiwari(Participant)

"It has been a good experience to know our capabilities individually and in a team and use these accordingly. Workshop taught us a) motivation- internally & externally b) Team involvement c) Need for proper planning to achieve goals."

Aarushi Sangwan(Participant)
"A very big and a very required learning experience. Taught me to respect every individual and situation. Helped me to recognize strengths and weaknesses and helped out with how I can contribute towards my team/ company…a great trip in one capsule!"
Sanjay Paul-Manager Post Paid sales

"Quality wise the workshop was 100% effective... I have learnt some facts about myself as an individual which needs improvement to perform better in a team. Every second spent in this programme was a learning experience. The methodology used is extremely wonderful... communication and the way the message of being in a team and performing in a team has been conveyed was like an eye opener."

Pooja Tripathy, HR

"Very exciting and interesting.. good simulations which were relevant to the learning objectives. The workshop was useful in 1) getting to know people from other departments well- it helps as an HR Person 2) discussion sessions which summarized the learnings from the activities as I could relate to how I could use it for actual work situation... the quality of experience through activities carried out was of the highest order."

Essar Steel
 Dilip Oomen ,CEO, Essar Steel

Outcome for the leadership workshop was way beyond expectation. I "wanted the best in the field" and Ashish, you have more than met my expectation. Many thanks to your team in paving the way forward for the ledership goal setting and re-structuring process

KBM Swamy, Head HR , Essar Steel

All deliverables met, the programme was a very innovative & exhilarating way to precipitate learnings. I am very happy with the teams response towards this programme. Thanks Ashish for matching upto expectations from this programme.

 Sam - Head HR UNICEF

Learning well received by getting to doing things & drawing lessons. The facilitator has excellent communication skills, very assertive but yet led to "buy in" of learnings amongst participants.

Sabine Bhanot, UNICEF Head Learning & Staff Development

"it's a fun and effective way to address a problem.. very well structured, planned and implemented... you (Ashish) did what they promised and did that very well. The faculty was extremely well prepared, friendly, professional!!! All three!!!"

Susan Khan, HR Asst - Participant

"Brought out the facts (realization) of one's self and the entire team - "Great Workshop". I enjoyed all the activities/ simulations and I'm going back a changed person with an open mindset!"

UT Starcom
 Mona Sharma- Participant

"Really thought provoking.. all the exercises we did as teams really helped us to co-relate with our work place that how every part is important for successful implementation / execution of a project. The post activity discussions were very useful since they let us think and analyse and reflect upon the strong and weak parts... workshop was pretty effective and good. The workshop made us realize that we need to plan, strategise, implement, re -think, strategise and then achieve goals."

NDTV Media
Niraj Dutt- Executive Vice President

"Ashish, We all had a great spell with Destination Outdoors at Camp Rani Chauri, it was quite experiential & eventful to do our team building exercise with your professionals. Excellent post activity de-brief correlating back to the processes at the workplace. Every activity had a 'cause and effect'... Horses for Courses- relate to function specific and organization overall. Look forward to your suggestions on developing some more experiential learning in the times to come."

Raj Naik- Chief Executive Officer

"Thanks Ashish to you & your team. We had a great time too & the team enjoyed every moment of their time spent at the camp... Completely different... very easy to relate to the faculty... the strategizing, planning and implementing just got better. Every brief/ safety measure was well explained."

Vaish Law Firm
Vinay Vaish-Partner
"Very good simulations to bring out aspects of how to put the main learnings to use at the work place. All simulations were helpful in their own way, but the individual activity made me overcome fear and motivated me. All activities were excellent- each had its own learning for the larger picture and for me individually. Faculty: Very sure of themselves and were real motivators. I am glad that we made the right decision! The faculty seemed a part of Vaish and brought out each one to participate."

Ajay Vohra-CEO & Partner

"It was an eye opener- much beyond expectations. The programme was tailor made. The build up was excellent- how each session telescoped into the next and finally capsuled in the collaboration effort. The experience carried out was highly satisfying. Right mix of exercises/ simulations, physical activity, analysis and feedback. Methodology was innovative and effective- it succeeded in getting the message across. The faculty was clear, precise, interesting- kept you engaged/ involved  and also held your attention. The team was highly committed and made no compromises."

IDEA Cellular
Prabhat Aggarwal, VP Sales.

Excellent way of learning while having fun. The lessons learnt on prioratisation, busting assumptions & realizing self potential were great. Faculty has effective communications skills.

Mandar Bhave, Participant 

Innovative concept and fascinating methodology. The most useful parts of the workshop were the constant activity, different learnings which got derived out of it... it stimulated work and made us realize that work can be enjoyed every moment! The communication of the faculty was 'on the dot as they understood what business we were in'.

JMC Projects India
Amit Raval, Participant

The contents of the training programme were exhaustive and covered almost every aspect of managerial traits. The methodology used was quite effective and interesting... the style of delivery of the facilitator was impressive and the outdoor team gave us an extraordinary level of comfort while carrying out the activities.

Falgun Patel, Head Training.

"... an awakening experience. The post activity discussions were very participative and eye opening, and wonderful to know and learn. The faculty - the facilitator and the outdoor team- was very good..."

Arvind Mills Ltd
Pooja Sharma, Manager HR

The workshop was good in content as well as activities... very good team co-ordination.

Pradip Bhiskute, Participant

"The programme was well organized, planned and very well conducted. The workshop taught us the importance of innovative idea generation and thinking differently. The simulations were excellent with day to day activity and the discussions were very live and useful."

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