Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1) Do the workshops comprise only of outdoor activities or are there are classroom based activities as well?

    Indicatively the break-up would be like 40 % outdoor and 60 % classroom. However this is based on conduciveness of the venue and the expected outcomes. At DOLS we have a repository of over 2000 activities or simulations as we call them and the simulations are diverse enough for us to administer both a classroom as well as outdoor program using experiential learning if there is a limitation to outdoor space.

  • 2) What is the cost of a 1 or a 2 day Program?

    At DOLS we do not have any modular off the shelf modules. We treat every client differently and work on understanding the outcomes/objectives both from the Learning custodian of the organization and also the concerned business vertical. This helps us consult the client with the right TNA and arrive at the competencies that need to be addressed through the intervention. Because of this we can’t quote a figure upfront since deliverables vary. We would typically customize a programme flow based on pre workshop mining which includes interviews with stakeholders & revert to you with a complete Prototype of Program Design along with the commercials.

  • 3) How do we measure ROI from this intervention?

    An Experiential Workshop triggers the spark of change in participants. Having said that the workshop majorly are targeted at the “will” to apply the “skill” back at the workplace. Any experiential program requires a follow through internally by the HR/Talent Management/Business SPOC to ensure this is sustained. Our Sustainable Model is a perfect solution to this whereby there are level-wise interventions at prescribed intervals for the same audience that ensure the “Will” aspect becomes a “Habit” and brings in consistency in application of the requite skills set. Every workshop has either a team way forward or an individual action plan depending on the brief!

  • 4) Do you’ll manage end to end logistics including travel, hotel booking etc..

    DOLS is predominantly a Experiential Learning company and our core competence is delivering impactful interventions that influence behavior and attitude. Having said that we are happy to partner and share expertise based on recommended venues based on their conduciveness to the Experiential Learning format.

  • 5) What is an ideal batch size in an Experiential intervention?

    Based on our experience of over 17 years and having worked with diverse clients globally, we recommend an ideal batch size of 18-20 participants to be able to come up with individual observation on each of the participants. However we do have the expertise, bandwidth and inventory to cater to a large format workshop as well which could be as high as 250-300 participants. Needless to say in a large format workshop individual observations cannot be made. In a batch size of around 45-50 participants there are group/team based observations that are shared with participants.

  • 6) What kind of activities do you conduct in your workshops?

    We use multiple mediums based on the brief at the planning stage and map activities co-created with the Content Development team. Few of our simulations include Night Navigation, CSR real time projects involving massive execution, Dance Theatre, Musical Symphony, Expedition format- eg: White Water Rafting expeditions, Himalayan Expedition, case studies, real go to market projects, community projects and Master Chef to name a few. Our in-house creative and content development team is adapt in developing modern and innovative mediums and simulations to deliver an impactful intervention.

  • 7) What would be the no of faculty conducting workshops?

    Depending on the bandwidth of delivery, this could vary from 3 to 5 faculty in a limited audience workshop targeting specific competencies. Ex:- for a 18-25 batch sice we would have a Lead & Co faculty , assisted by the safety officer, logistics officer and adventure co ordinator.