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Ensuring a lasting learning experience!

Our methodology comprises of experiential learning. Activities are the heart of our process. One learns as a result of direct, hands-on experience through “guided exploration” and problem solving. We use internationally proven training systems and procedures to enhance communication skills, improve motivation levels, better project management skills, increase productivity, enhance teamwork and team building skills, build team trust, manage conflict, create leadership qualities and reduce workplace stress.

Clear objectives, skilled facilitation, a plan to transfer the knowledge gained back to the job, credible evaluation and follow-up are the basis for program design.


The methodology is based on individual and group working.
Included in these are simulations, exercises, group interactive sessions like team brainstorms.
The participants are guided to go into their past working experience which makes the workshop highly interactive, interesting and encourages participants to learn from each other.
Continuous scope to practice, learn, correlate and apply skills sets realised to the workplace.
Debriefing: Each activity is followed by intensive debriefs and process work to precipitate learnings.


Four Stages Of Experiential Learning




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